No job is more hazardous than Carrier Air operations. Yet, few Navy pilots would trade their seats for any land-based aircraft.

The cat launch: nothing feels better than a good solid cat stroke. A naval aviator plans for the worst. A soft or cold cat, locked flight controls, improper attitude, engine failures, all contribute to the long list of potential problems that could mean a lost aircraft and a hot seat into the drink.  

The recovery: the most challenging phase of flight. With steady seas and a bright sun, pilots say they can cat a trap all day long. But add in-flight emergencies, mechanicals, blown tires, pitching decks, and low fuel states, and the recovery becomes a test of confidence, skill and nerves.

The best trained professionals in the world … steeped in the knowledge that they must do their jobs well because, cruising across the vast expanse of the oceans, there is … Nowhere Else to Go! A Challenge of Flight fan favorite.