The Challenge of Flight is an incredible collection of 19 military aviation programs featuring real top gun pilots flying real combat missions. Witness bone-jarring crashes, miraculous tales of survival, fiery landings, life or death struggles on the carrier deck, locked controls, burning tires, near misses, close calls, and more. It’s one of the biggest collections of explosive military aviation footage ever recorded. Buy, Rent or Stream on Demand now!

Here you will see the world of military flight the way the pilots do. The good days and the bad ones. The near misses and the close calls. The Challenge of Flight goes beyond the nuts and bolts of engines and hydraulics directly into the heart of tough day-to-day demands of combat aviation.

The Challenge of Flight is unique because it’s a video series created by fighter pilots giving it an authentic perspective that no other program can. You will experience the world of military aviation like you never have before.

The Challenge of Flight is packed with hours of insider footage for a very real, very dramatic no-holds-barred look at the challenges pilots face flying military jets. Emergencies in the cockpit, unexpected problems on the flight deck, even the way a pilot has to think just to survive.

That’s what this remarkable series is about. Little wonder they call it The Challenge of Flight.

The Challenge of Flight is now available for you to Buy, Rent or Stream on Demand.