Keeney & Company

Founded by L. Douglas Keeney, the company is dedicated to making the real world of military aviation video programming available on the internet. Keeney was instrumental in the development of the first military television channel on cable and an award-winning producer of numerous video productions including, The Challenge of Flight, Frontline Pilots, The Liberation of Europe, Lost Bombs, Berlin: The Wrold’s Greatest Airlift, the Fight for Guadalcanal and many others.

Douglas Keeney is the bestselling author of more than a dozen histories of the events that shaped American and world history. He has been well-reviewed by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, Newsweek, The New Yorker, The Courier-Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, the Portland Book Review, The San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, Fox, and many other media outlets. He is a frequent speaker and keynoter, and a dedicated researcher.

“Keeney’s passion is to unearth the lost voices of American history — the stories of unselfish sacrifice, as he calls them — and through those voices tell the stories that are the fabric of the nation we know today.”

Keeney earned his Bachelors’s and Masters’s degrees from the University of Southern California and was a sponsored post-graduate student at the Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies in New York City. He worked for 18 years on Madison Avenue and Wilshire Blvd before writing his first book. During his years in marketing, he was the recipient of numerous awards and served as a board member of several industry associations.

Keeney lives in Kentucky with his wife, the journalist Jill Johnson Keeney. He is a pilot and scuba diver and spends his free time visiting archives to further his research.

Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc

Founded by Tom Edinger in 2006, Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc., produces and distributes a wide variety of educational and entertainment media including books and video content worldwide via DVD’s, Youtube and digital platforms including Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, Roku and others.