An incredible collection of 19 military aviation programs featuring real top gun pilots flying real combat missions. Witness bone-jarring crashes, miraculous tales of survival, fiery landings, life or death struggles on the carrier deck, locked controls, burning tires, near misses, close calls and more. It’s one of the biggest collections of explosive military aviation footage ever recorded. Buy, Rent or Stream on Demand.

Here, for the first time ever, is the unbelievable footage of pilot and aircraft in the most terrifying moments of flight. Witness near misses and horrifying crashes. One of the most popular programs in The Challenge of Flight series.

Some of the hottest, most unusual flying we’ve ever filmed. Join us for a first-hand look at the adversary airpower of Russia.

The most stunning scenes of the world’s most powerful fighter aircraft, stories only the pilots could tell, and voices from the cockpit in a program of unprecedented emotional power. Don’t miss this Challenge of Flight.

No job is more life-threatening than Carrier Air operations. See these pilots overcome the fear of crashing onto the deck or landing up in the ocean when there is nowhere else to go! A Challenge of Flight fan favorite.

The wrong angle of bank, too much pitch, too little airspeed, equipment failure, or any combination of these and dozens of other conditions  often lead to an airplane desperately “Out of Control.”

For ten years Vietnam was home to thousands of American military aviators. This incredible program shows you the life of a pilot in the day-in-day-out job of fighting a difficult, confusing, almost surreal war – Vietnam.

This incredible program brings you the air war of WWII. See Mustangs, Corsairs, Thunderbolts, and Lightnings go air-to-air and air-to-ground against the best Japan and Nazi Germany had. Includes actual gun camera footage.

 This episode of the Challenge of Flight tells the story of the development of a pilot’s safety system of last resort: the ejection seat with never-before-seen test and crash footage.

This is the story of the high-speed run, the Target Run … against a gauntlet of AAA, SAMs, and hostile MIGs from an enemy that wants to blow you out of the sky. A military aviation fan favorite.

 In this Challenge of Flight program, you’ll witness numerous damaged aircraft trying to make their way home.  Some make it, some don’t. See rare accident footage caught on film. 

Here you’ll see the development and testing of the weapons systems that make the United States the unchallenged ruler of the skies. You’ll see actual footage of air-to-air engagements and more.

In this Challenge of Flight program, you’ll witness firsthand, a jet that has been struck, disoriented, killed by a missile shot, dying in violent skies. A riveting program.

Here you will see pilot ingenuity at work to beat insurmountable odds and bring their aircraft home in one piece or many in this extraordinary behind-the-scenes Challenge of Flight program.

In this remarkable edition of The Challenge of Flight, military pilots tell their stories of the trials and triumphs in the ever-pressing job of keeping America free, America safe. Sure to please all fans.

Once the boundaries are set, one’s imagination is free to explore new horizons and again be part of the timeless CHALLENGE .. to Push the Limits of Flight. This is what being a fighter pilot means.

Here you will see the unusual world and view first-hand the true challenges of vertical flight.

What does it take to become a jet fighter pilot on an aircraft carrier? Witness the good, the bad and the ugly as pilots develop the skills necessary to keep them and their equipment from crashing into the sea.  

See low-level flight, flown with exacting precision and control that is too close for comfort and leaves no room for error. 

This program brings to light  a service that brings military flight discipline to situations so badly out of control that they are merely called evolutions.