Fighter pilots study their opponents the way football teams study game films. How good are their jets? How hard do they fly them? Will they be able to shoot me down? The questions are simple, the answers are a matter of life and death.

To look at our opponents, we took our Challenge of Flight cameras to Moscow. What we saw was chilling. The awesome Russian MIG-29 Fulcrums, the SU-27 fighters, and three of the world’s deadliest strategic bombers. Piloted with an abandon not often seen in the West.

Are we really the world’s top guns? Judge for yourself. It’s all here, some of the hottest, most unusual flying we’ve filmed, set to music, edited for continuity, but largely without interruption so you can watch it the way we pilots do. If you fly, this is your game film. Join us for a first-hand look at the adversary airpower of mother Russia.